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Back in action

Been two years since I last touched this blog. A lot has happened in that time. The wife and I bought a house and then became parents of beautiful twin girls. Being a father of twin girls has been a learning experience. I never really had interaction with infants so this was a real eye opening experience for me. However, all of that is nothing compared to the joy I get when I come home to those two smiling faces. They bring so much joy that is easily erases the longest day. Watching them grow over the last 8 months has brought some many emotions inside that I just burst at the seems with love for them.

I’m closing in on finishing school finally! I have little under a year left before I can finally put the homework and other stuff behind me. I’m very proud that I could get this far but I can’t take all the credit. My wife has been a strong influence on finishing school and has supported me the whole way. Without her I’m not sure I could do it.

Other than that, not much else is happening. I’m thinking of starting a second blog to record my hobby time which is rare but fun. I’ve been collecting new Warhammer 40k miniatures and playing against a friend at work. So I was thinking of making a blog just to record matches and my assembling of the armies as I attempt to build them.

I really want to think I will blog more because I really want an outlet for my thoughts. We’ll see how this goes.


Long time with good reason

I know, I know… It’s been a long time but I can explain. I’ve been extremly busy with Mrs. T looking for a house. Our landlord is going into forclosure. So instead of renting another house elsewhere, we decided to buy. Things were slow in the begining but now we have an offer in on a great house in Elk Grove. Words can’t describe how great of a deal and house this is. Upgrades a plenty including a pool! The problem has been a lengthy wait since it is a short sale. While short sale suggests a fast close process it actually means that the house is being sold for less than what the owner owes on their loan. That means that they must get the ok from the bank to sell at that price. At this point the bank has accepted the short sale and is waiting for an appraiser to check out the house and verify that they are selling it for a good price. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be in escrow and we can be in our own house next month. :)

Other than that, everything else is the usual. School, work, and buying a house. We’re headed to Redding this weekend to see the inlaws. I’m looking forward to a little get away. :)

Checking out for the Holidays and then some

The last few weeks have been busy enough that I failed to touch here. The wife and I spent bouncing around California like a pinball during the holidays. We spent time with my family as well as hers in southern California. In the process Mrs. T developed an inner ear infection and so the New Years was brought in by resting at home. I also managed to catch something in the process and was out all last week from work. I think it’s the first time a flu has sidelined me from work for more than 3 days. I was really bummed. In any case, we are no home and getting over our diseases. Oh joy!

Forgotten Life

I have not written anything in a while it would seem. It’s not for lack of updates, it’s just that I have not had a deep desire. It’s hard to constantly keep this going. I’ve had this blog for almost 4 years now and I want to keep it going but it has been a difficult time to have the discipline to keep updating. But I will continue to try my hardest.

This last week has been especially busy. Tuesday, my brother in-law received a Medal of Valor from the governor for his rescue of a woman from her car when it flipped over and ended up in a river. It was rather fun to be invited to this ceremony and later the tree lighting at the State Capitol. It was especially exciting to see him get this much deserved aware.

Also this week I have been cramming for my Calculus final which is on Sat. I’ve done well in the class so far and I hope I do well on the test. I still have Calc 2 to take but I can’t find the class available online currently so I may have to take it locally.

This weekend while I am taking my final, Mrs. T is having a small girls only party at the house. So I will be hiding in the office for much of the day. Although before the party, Mrs. T. and I are hoping to go house browsing. With the market like it is, we are starting to really look into houses and will once again run our numbers. We actually have found a great house that looks good from the pictures but we want to make sure in person it is the same. If all goes well we might be moving into a place of our own in the next 6 months or so… We shall see!

The Holidays are looking very busy. We are having Christmas eve with my family before we fly down to Southern California for Christmas day with Mrs. T’s extended family. I’m looking forward to a busy but fun holiday!

Surrounding us with sound

Last weekend, Mrs T. and I decided we wanted to get rid of my stereo with it’s big speakers. We also decided to purchase a new TV cabinet/stand. So we ventured out to look into various options. We ended up finding a new stand and purchasing a full surround sound system. After we got it all home and unpacked, that’s when the trouble started.

We actually bought the wrong surround sound system. I had intended to buy the version with wireless rear speakers but we bought the one with wired. So after packing everything back into the box, I ran out and got the right one. I have to say it is awesome to have surround sound now! The system also allows independent speakers throughout the house that can control devices like my ipod from the stereo without interrupting the front room. It’s very cool!

The other issue was the stand supports only 95 pounds. Well the TV weighs 145 pounds. It’s holding for now… I’m now working on convincing Mrs T. we need a lighter flat screen TV. :)

Secrets from the interweb

I have to admit that half of the reason I don’t blog much anymore is that I just don’t want to talk about too much personal stuff that is going in my life. For instance, Mrs T. and I had another disappointment today and I can’t say what it is. It’s just been a very difficult 6 months for us. Not to say that this is about our relationship. Not at all! Just something that has been going on for a while. In any case it’s frustrating that I can’t get my thoughts out there about it.

In other news, I am struggling with my programming class. I am very stuck on my current project and still have 4 more to go. What’s worse is that it has to be done by end of this month. I’m just really miserable about school right now. I think I’m going to have to give up on taking classes online and starting going to school locally. I should have been done with this years ago.

The only bright sides with things now is that Mrs. T and I are getting along well and that work is going great. I might even head down to Guadalajara in next few months for work. So can’t complain.

It’s just the other stuff I’m having issues with….

Here and There

Due to my absence from the blog, I didn’t have a chance to write about our trip to Gold Beach, Oregon. It was a fun trip but the weather did not help. We had 60mph winds with lots of rain. Made it tough to get out and do things. It didn’t help that I had a major math test due the same weekend. In fact I spent one entire day working on it. Lame! In any case, here are some pics from the trip

Cape Blanco lighthouse

Some of harsh waves in Brookings, OR


Elk Along Hwy 101 between Crescent City and Eureka. The rack was huge on his head.