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Trying to find the words…

It’s been tough to sit down and write a blog entry. I have the time but no longer the real desire. It’s not that I do not have substance, I just am not sure if this blog means anything anymore to me. The one thing I always thought I could do with it is compile something together in a few years and write a book on my life. But I just don’t think people can find my life that interesting… So what to do with 4 and half years of blogging. Not much! This will be something I will have to ponder on but for now I guess I can keep posting and see where it goes from here.


Busy week

This last week has been pretty busy. I finished building my in-laws a new computer. It actually went fairly flawless with no issues which was surprising. I’m jealous of their system now of course since it is slightly better than mine. :P

Work has been overwhelming. I have several ongoing projects that have sucked a lot of time. This weekend will be consumed by a work project I need to get finished before I leave on vacation next week.

In other news, I’m wrapping up my 2nd project soon. I’m trying to stay on top of my school work but I easily get distracted. My hope is I can finish it before Mrs T. and I leave for Oregon next week.

Speaking of Oregon, I really am looking forward to this trip. Spending a few days at the ocean with my parents (who I haven’t seen since July), will be really nice. Not sure what we will be doing there but there is supposedly a lot to do.

Busy, Busy

One project down…. 5 more to go

I finished my first C++ project. I missed getting full points because I forgot to actually do a script output and show the program actually works. Dumb me, since it’s in the syllabus. I’ve actually started on my second project and have the base program running but I still need to expand on it. hopefully I could have it done soon. I really want to finish this class sooner rather than later.

My Calculus class is going good too. This semester I’m actually using a digital book which is a bit different. But so far I really like it. If I can’t answer a problem they have examples that are very close to the problem you are working on so you get a good idea of how to work the problem. I have a test in a couple weeks but I’m sure I will do well since we are allowed to take it 3 times.

Outside of school work, not much else is happening. Mainly just work then home for brief time with Mrs. T before I have to go off and do homework while she works on grades. Its all annoying since we don’t get much time with each other. Least we have our Oregon trip in a couple weeks.

Tough lie

The weekend was a bit busy. But it’s start was great. :) Mrs T. and I hit the coffee house by our house and just hung out for a couple hours. She read her book while I worked on my homework. It was a lot of fun to just relax, drink our coffee, and enjoy each others company.

Then we shifted to speed mode, We had dinner Saturday night with another friend and his wife. I actually found out that salmon is not bad. Sunday morning I went golfing with my brothers. I had a horrible game but so did they so I didn’t feel so bad. When I got home I had to hurry and do all the yard work before we headed to brother B to visit and hang out. While Mrs. T and B’s wife went shopping, we headed to the movies and saw Dark Knight. I can say I liked it a lot. It was a bit longer than I anticipated but the movie was very enjoyable. We finally got home at 8 last night and breath a sigh of relaxation. Now it’s back to the work week. Oh joy! :(

You scream, I scream, we all scream at compilers

I know, lame title but shoot me. I had very little sleep after battling with multiple compilers last night. I worked on my first lab for C++. I had to edit and fix some code given to me which wasn’t a big issue. What was a problem was compiling the damn code. I had no problems compiling on my local box but when I uploaded to the school UNIX server and tried to compile I got a bunch of errors. Well it turns out that I was an idiot and was using the wrong compiler. Now that I have the right one down, I still have to alter some of the code so it does the calculation right.

In other news, we had some negative news this week that has depressed us. I can’t say about what for those not in the know. Sorry. In any case we are moving on for our next attempt but are still down at the moment. :(

Chrome, the other, other browser

Against my better judgement, I installed Google’s Chrome on my Vista system at home. It actually has performed better than I thought it would. I could go through all the new features but you can see them here. I’ll just grab my favorites so far.

  • Tabs under their own environments. Firefox runs all the various tabs under a single environment but Chrome runs under multiple environments. So that means your tabs run better individually.
  • Crtl-K or Crtl-W = Some great search loving. Makes doing web searches easy
  • Incognito mode hides all those websites you don’t want anyone to know you look at.

I’m sure there is more but those are a few of my favorites.

Back in action

Live has sort of resumed despite my attempts at staying away from any responsibilities such as work or school. The golf trip was an absolute blast. It was even better to have a close friend ride shotgun in your golf cart throughout the weekend. I never did let him drive the cart. :P

We even managed to come in third place in the tournament on the last day without any handicaps. That to me is amazing because it wasn’t him carrying me but a combination of helping each other. If one of us faltered, the other recovered. It really was good teamwork! Everything went great and all had a good time. The only bad part was where I nearly broke my leg fishing. Thankfully my cart buddy was there to bail me out of the river. :) Here’s some pics from the weekend.

Teeing off on first hole at Shastina. One of my favorite first tees to play on.

C&R on the “Big” fish I caught. Taken shortly before my fall.

Laid out after the fall. The swelling was pretty big but thankfully no breakage was detected.

One of my chip shots. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my 30yd chip in for par. One of my best shots ever. Totally True!